Thursday 20th November is an exciting day for Ransom and for our acclaimed author Mary Chapman! Last year we published Mary’s book Paupers as part of our Cold Fusion series. With an interest age of 9-12 years and a reading age of 12+ years, the series caters for the more able reader. Like the others […]

Grab your copy of our 2014-15 Ransom Publishing catalogue to get an insight into some of the amazing, discounted offers on our Accelerated Reader Leveled Packs! These packs are compiled of a good range of our titles, that are available for both primary and secondary schools, at great prices! There are 20-25 books within each pack, aimed at reluctant readers […]

Fifteen brand-new titles for 2014 in this popular series. Shade 2.0 is ideal for older, reluctant teen readers. Ransom relaunched this popular series in 2013 with new versions of titles that had already been published. Now, to meet teachers’ requests for more, we are publishing Reading Set 3 – all completely new titles written for […]

November 2014 has been a busy month here at Ransom Publishing with 15 new titles set to be released! Look out for our new, action-packed series Toxic by Jonny Zucker and John Townsend for reluctant readers aged between 9-12. These ten stand alone stories offer progression over five book bands so are ideal for development, and […]

The BookTrust have once again created their hugely popular school library packs for 2014-15, and we are happy to announce that our title Pig and the Talking Poo by Barbara Catchpole has been selected to feature within it! In conjunction with the pack, the BookTrust are also holding events at various locations across the country between […]

Jump into Jump by another award winning author, Fanie Viljoen. Ransom is known for its successful range of titles to engage and encourage readers and we are taking the opportunity to expand this with a brilliant story in a new range of teen fiction books for 13+. Rudi and Steven decide to shoot a funny video, […]

A new series of action and adventure fiction for reluctant readers aged between 9-12. Fast-paced stories featuring gruesome zombies, murky swamps, robots, time-travel and futuristic football– and always, plenty of danger! This thrilling series includes: The Battle of the Kingdom, Football Force, Island Shock, Gladiator Revival, Crash Land Earth, By Royal Order or Death, Robots […]