New Reading Program Reading Stars

We are very excited to introduce Ransom’s new reading program, Reading Stars. The program has been specifically developed by UK’s specialists for children, to assist in their development in helping them learn to read.

     1_Pam and Sam_PH1_135_165_8_FOR REPRO_TIFLOGO_PH1_135_165 7_On Woodlands Farm_PH2_162_200_12_FOR REPRO_PH2_162_200 12_Teeth_PH2_135_165_12_FOR REPRO_PH1_135_165

The series provides a total of ninety books, slowly progressing with the way that children are taught according to the new 2014 curriculum. It begins with four levels of Phonics in line with any synthetic teaching programme. This carries on through a further eleven graded levels with an increase in words and complexity according to the various levels and age ranges. Coming with and easy to understand colourful book banding, it’s easy to keep track of which child is at what level. It starts with the early stages of reading with Pink and carries on through to the Lime Book Band, which is the highest in the series.

     77_Feeding the Dragon_Gold_162_200_20_FOR REPRO_Blue_162_200 85_Jumpers_Lime_162_200_16_FOR REPRO_Blue_162_200 90_The Rescue_Lime_162_200_16_FOR REPRO_Blue_162_200

The books are carefully devised and written in order to co-inside with national curriculum and developed with series advisor, Shirley Bickler. The stories are beautifully illustrated and written in a way that the children will find them enjoyable and engaging. The series includes works by well known authors such as, David Orme, John Townsend and Jill Atkins.

Reading Stars will be available from the 25th March 2015.

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