Frankfurt Book Fair 2016 is rapidly approaching and so, here at Ransom, we’re readying our newest titles for some serious promotion, or brag-ortunity if you will!

This year we’ve got an exciting new series from Barbara Catchpole, new Breakout titles from various authors, and a series tackling teen topics in a fun, romantic and contemporary selection of reads entitled Promises.  All of these ‘promise’ to be great reads encouraging children and young teens to love fiction all over again.

The series from Barbara Catchpole, Feely Tonks (a clever young lady who seems to be permanently annoyed at the world), is another one of Ransoms prolific titles for reluctant readers. Aimed at girls with an interest age of 7 – 12 but a reading age of 8 – 9, it should promote strong reading and encourage improvement in literary skills. It is written in a diary format and illustrated throughout, giving this series a big thumbs up for fun factor.

The Promises series also holds its own among the reluctant reader categories we promote here. It is aimed at young teens, primarily girls aged 13+, who have a reading age of 6 – 8. With appealing covers and great, age appropriate content however, it doesn’t patronize or embarrass readers who struggle – and this is a big part of the challenge when it comes to writing literature for reluctant readers. Thus we have become very good at producing fiction kids and teens don’t have to feel ashamed of reading. On the contrary, it is appealing and encourages rapid improvement for these young readers.

Our final new title, Breakouts, is a little different to the other two newbies as it is aimed at boys and girls and is a little more sinister. Exploring topics such as revenge, blood harvest and witchcraft, these individual stories each take young readers into a dark and exciting world that aims to giving reading a new lease of life! The titles are written by the likes of John Townsend and Jill Atkins, ensuring they’ll be gripping reads!

We will be taking all of these titles and more to the Frankfurt Book Fair from the 19th to the 23rd of October. Our stand number is 6.1 A 111, so if you’re there, pop by and say hi. If not, you can check out the details on the Frankfurt website or our own website,

Thanks for reading and goodbye until next time!

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