The Travellers is a series of four stories written by Rosemary Hayes, author of over forty books for children. Rosemary undertook extensive research for The Travellers, spending time with members of the gypsy community, learning about their customs, their beliefs and the strength of their family life. Gypsies are still discriminated against and the families […]

The Travellers Four stories for children about the modern day gypsy community! The author of this exciting new series is here to talk to Ransom: My first, and probably most obvious question to Rosemary was, What was your favourite part of creating these books? “I’ve had such a great time researching these books, meeting gypsy families, […]

The Travellers is a new series about the gypsy community, written by Rosemary Hayes, author of over 40 children’s books. Her debut novel Race Against Time was shortlisted for the Kathleen Fidler Award, but her most recent endeavour is something that we at Ransom, think is even more exciting! This is a series of four books based […]