The planet is in danger! A fleet of alien space ships is on a mission – to steal the Earth’s water. Boffin Boy must stop them. Will he use force, or can he find a clever way to save Earth? (Boffin Boy and the Invaders from Space) Boffin Boy is Ransom’s best-selling series by David […]

Mary Hopper is the author of Unlocking Speaking and Listening in Every Child, an essential book for teachers in helping pupils get the most out of literacy lessons. What books have you written? I have co-authored Over 100 ideas for Outdoor Literacy, a teachers resource pack and a forthcoming collection of practical ideas for teaching […]

Today we are celebrating the 400th Anniversary of Shakespeare’s death! While that seems like a strange holiday to celebrate, it’s primarily because we don’t know the exact date that William Shakespeare was born on. However, we do know the exact date he died, hence the celebration today of his death on the 23rd April 1616. […]

Mike and Lizzie are siblings from a large gypsy family who have recently come to live on a council site on the outskirts of the village; Tess and Ben are children of a one parent family living nearby. Initially, there is suspicion on all sides, but various frightening events bring these young people together forcing […]

Rosemary Hayes is the author of the Travellers series as well as Taken, written for our Raven imprint. She lives and works in England. What were your influences or inspirations for writing? As a child I was always making up stories but I never thought that one day I would become an author myself. It […]

Just to let everyone know, we’re starting two little series of posts here on the blog! They will be called : Meet Our Authors: where we will be giving you some information about one of our lovely authors here at Ransom each fortnight Ransom Throwback Thursday: where we’ll be looking at some of our books […]

After a little gander across the internet, we discovered that it’s National Scrabble Day today! Now, we don’t have the game here at the office, but we have something much better – our office dog, Scrabble!