Experience more thrills with fewer words in this brand new series. This month, we’re looking at our Breakouts series, which contain strong modern, adventure stories for both boys and girls. As with the Feely Tonks series last month, the majority of the posts about this series will be on our Facebook page, so keep an […]

A powerful story of triumph over adversity. Jack is a popular football player at school. He is keen to make a start at the activity week in Snowdonia, but when tragedy strikes his world is upended. An accident on the mountain leaves him paralysed in both legs and unable to walk. Confined to a wheelchair, […]

Jill Atkins is the author of a number of books at Ransom, including Magpie, The Witch’s Daughter, Cry Baby, and three books in the Reluctant Readers Teenage Fiction section. She lives in West Sussex with her husband Dave. What were your influences or inspirations for writing? I recently successfully completed MA Writing for Children at […]

Nick and Kat are on holiday in Rome when they follow an underground trail that leads them to a real Gladiator arena. Things get very scary when they are trained as gladiators and forced to enter the arena and fight a mythical beast. Can Nick and Kat survive – and find their way back to […]

Jonny Zucker was the author of the Toxic and Graphic Toxic Series at Ransom. He lived in London with his wife and three sons before he sadly passed away in 2016. What were your influences or inspirations for writing? As a child I was a massive fan of adventure novels, like The Count of Monte […]

We’re releasing a new series of books this month based on a girl called Feely Tonks! They’re written by Barbara Catchpole, author of Ransom’s bestselling series, PIG. For more information over the next few weeks, please check out our Facebook page!