Full of action and adventure, Graphic Toxic is a brand new series of highly illustrated graphic novels aimed at reluctant and struggling readers who are enthused by short, fast-paced adventure stories. As with our other new series over the past months, we will be posting some fun news and information about the Graphic Toxic series […]

When a decaying body turns up in a remote woodland spot, Troy and Lexi are sent to investigate. Before long, they find two further bodies. All three victims have had internal organs removed. One is missing a hand – and other parts. Is this grisly crime connected to an illegal trade in human body parts? […]

Every year Leicester Libraries run the Reading Rampage challenge. Twenty top-selling books are selected for a shortlist, which secondary pupils in Leicester then read and vote on. It’s a great scheme to get secondary pupils reading and to promote a reading culture. Reading Rampage is a great success and is growing year on year. Last Friday […]

Malcolm Rose is the author of the bestselling Outer Reaches series and also Connor’s Brain, a new book released in 2016. He lives in Sheffield with his wife and son. What were your influences or inspirations for writing? I began writing stories as a hobby while taking a DPhil in chemistry at York University. What […]

Pig has a huge brown plastic talking dog poo. (He knows it doesn’t talk really – he’s not bonkers or anything). But he does miss his poo lots when he loses it – mainly because it reminds him of his dad. So, helped by his best friend Raj, Pig tries to find his lost poo. […]

Barbara Catchpole is the author of the widely successful PIG series and the recently released Feely Tonks series. What were your influences or inspirations for writing? I have three sons and the second was born profoundly deaf. He wasn’t diagnosed until he was three and this was what really got me interested in special educational […]