When he receives the terrible news that his mother can’t take care of him anymore, Buyisiwe must leave his life in London behind and join his estranged father in Africa. He isn’t overjoyed, but it turns out Africa is not what Buyisiwe expected. It is a place of beauty, splendour, magnificent animals… and danger. The […]

Malcolm Rose has worked with Ransom for a few years, primarily producing the Outer Reaches series, beginning with Body Harvest and ending with Blood and Bone. These books, along with his crime thrillers written before Malcolm’s career with Ransom, have a scientific basis, aided by his time as a chemistry lecturer. His most recent release […]

Sara, Daniel and Jared (Sara’s little brother) have their own secret code. They use it to communicate in class, avoid the teachers and keep secrets from the rest of their classmates, but when one of the messages is tampered with, Sara finds herself in serious trouble. The three must fight to protect the content of […]

Promises is a series of uplifting, funny, warm, romantic, contemporary reads from a number of great authors. These stories cover everyday life, teenage issues, friendship and love from a wide range of perspectives and cultures. The books have characters that girls will like, and possibly aspire to be like. The series is ideal for girls […]

Something evil is sneaking through the woods towards the Old Tower on Hangman’s Hill. It’s a snard. This hairy horror is hungry for a tasty snack of beans – human beans that is! And the Spook Squad are on the menu! The Spook Squad are Roxy, Leena, Nita, Emma and (whether they want him or […]

Roger Hurn is the author of the GirlfriendZ and Spook Squad series. He lives in London with his wife. He has two daughters and two grandchildren. What were your influences or inspirations for writing? Although 70% of reluctant readers are boys, 30% are girls. It’s my opinion that, although there are lots of books aimed […]

Five teenagers on a camping trip in a forest stumble across a dead body. This triggers a terrifying descent into bloodlust and vampirism that leads them into an ancient underworld ruled by a French nobleman over 300 years old. Seven edgy reads in the Vampire Dawn series offer an alternative reinvention of the vampire genre, […]