Jo Cotterill is the author of Tears of a Friend and one of the new books in the Promises series, called Picture Him. She lives in Oxfordshire with her husband and two children. What were your influences or inspirations for writing? My background in acting, music and secondary school teaching gave me a thirst for […]

Having younger brothers and sisters can be a real pain. Especially when your mum and dad are working and you have to look after them. Siti’s day goes from bad to worse when she loses her four year-old sister in a busy shopping centre. Can the Sisters help her find Afia before something terrible happens? […]

Helen Orme is the author of a number of books at Ransom, including the popular series Siti’s Sisters, Don’t Even Think It, and the Streetwise Series. What were your influences or inspirations for writing? I am half of a writing partnership with my husband, David, and we produce teaching materials in a variety of formats […]

Working in a publishing house, one of my favourite bits is chatting to the authors about their characters, plot twists, inspirations and everything in between. This contact with authors also means I can get some exclusive snippets straight from the horse’s mouth, if you will, about our most recent releases. In this interview, I got […]

I’ve been in contact with a new author of ours, Pamela Cosman, and I was lucky enough to squeeze some titbits out of her about her new title, The Secret Code Menace. Here’s what she had to share:   How did you come up with the idea?   “When my oldest son was 8, his […]

One great perk of being involved in the marketing and publicity of books here at Ransom, is that I have the opportunity to chat to authors. On top of being published (let me fan girl for a second here!) they’re always interesting people with a lot to say. I’ve been chatting to Malcolm Rose about […]

Follow the adventures of Hairy Mole and his gallant crew as they go out on their little pirate ship in search of treasure and jam. Even if they do end up living on fish fingers. Join the rough, tough and smelly pirates as they encounter: nudey men, ghost ships and gigantic great whales all in […]