Good afternoon from all of us at Ransom!

It’s cold and drizzly here so I’ve put together a few exciting things to liven our spirits:

Our new series Promises and Breakouts have been proving very popular since their release last month, written by a selection of very talented writers. Don’t forget to check out our Facebook Page and our previous blog posts to find out more about this fantastic series.

As well as this, our new imprint Raven is up and running with Jill Atkins’ A Brightness out of The Blue doing well. Have a read of our previous posts to find out more about this and our new imprint Raven.

Our Traveller Series by Rosemary Hayes has been kindly reviewed on The Travellers Times’ Website. Have a read of the review here:–Features/childrens-books-give-unique-insight-travellers.aspx

If you would like to order any of our new books just pop us an email at

I hope you’re enjoying the Christmas period!




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