Greetings from Louise and Gabby!

We’re here at Ransom Publishing this week for work experience, and it’s been fantastic so far! It was great to look through some submissions yesterday – it’s very interesting to see authors’ raw ideas. We’ve also enjoyed looking through and editing some of Ransom’s new Shakespeare books that are being worked on. I (Gabby) am an English student so looking at Hamlet all day was pretty great!

I (Louise) am on Year 10 Work Experience, and I’m learning lots about the publishing industry, and it’s a great way to see how the world of work works. Who knew there were so many steps to publish a book!

We especially like our new friends Scrabble and Wookie (resident office dogs).

We tweeted today on Ransom’s Twitter, which was a first time for both of us. This is our first wordpress blog post too. (Hey look we’re already social media pros…) By the way, check out this wonderful interview with Barbara Catchpole: Take a look at the interview. You’ll find a 20% discount code for Dead Ed in my Head to brighten your day!

We are really excited for the rest of our time here, and we hope you’re enjoying the sunshine 🙂

Love Gabby and Louise


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