We are thrilled to announce that this week My Sister’s Perfect Husband has been shortlisted for the Coventry Inspiration Book Awards 2018.

Just one of 8 titles in the Rapid Reads category, Rosemary Hayes’s romantic novel was shortlisted by a panel of specialist children’s librarians and teachers, and to them we say ‘thank you!’ But we need your help to keep it in the running: one book is evicted every Monday starting January 22nd, so get voting!

My Sister’s Perfect Husband follows the story of Laila and her older sister Mina. As Mina is 18, her Pashtun family feel it’s time they found her a husband. They introduce her to endless suitable young men, but Mina scowls at each one, putting them off as much as she can. Mina’s family are in despair. No one will ever want to marry her! So Laila sets about finding the perfect husband for her sister…

If you haven’t read this heart-warming novel yet, there’s plenty of time before eviction starts. (At only 63 pages it is a quick read!) It could be the perfect Christmas present for the reluctant reader in your family, especially ideal for teenage girls who tend to require easier language to follow. My Sister’s Perfect Husband deals with real-life social and cultural issues, presenting them from a new perspective, whilst remaining light-hearted and warm.

Buy it on our website here!

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