“Hi! As this story about the Poo is the first story I have to tell you, I’m going to tell you about my family. Then you can tell me about your family and we can be mates.”

It’s Friday 13th and everyone wants distracting from the inevitable influx of back luck and misfortune, so here’s a great series to curl up with today! One of Ransom’s best-selling series, PIG, details the protagonist’s journey through hilariously funny ‘handwritten’ diary entries that will be sure to keep you laughing-out-loud on any day of the year.

Meet Peter Ian Green – PIG for short – as he takes on adventure after adventure. PIG is 12 years old but small for his age, and he has ears that stick out and hair that sticks up.  He attends Coalpits Road High School (or ‘The Pits’ as it is known locally) and lives with his single mum, who he describes as looking more like a double or even treble mum.

Follow PIG through the collection; laughing at his falling trousers and crying when he and Raj narrowly escape death trying to save a talking poo! These books have everything a child could wish for – from sparkly pink Drama Diva pants, to a verruca named Vincent.

The incredibly talented Barbara Catchpole titters between being grossly humorous and humorously gross to capture the attention of her young male readers. The books are illustrated throughout and are best-suited to bonkers boys aged between 7-12 years old. There are 18 page-turning books in the series which are best read in sequence, but can also be read as stand-alone texts.

Sneak peak at PIG’s diary:




Will PIG survive the embarrassment of his stories being shared with the world?

Get hold of PIG’s hilarious adventures here!

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