September 17, 2018

It’s Time to Read!

Well, we’ve been back at school for a little while now and the routine has no doubt begun to sink back in. But our friends over at BookTrust are ready to shake things up, especially for families with primary school children.

Today marks the return of their week-long Time to Read campaign, which is all about boosting the nation’s shared reading habits, and bringing families together through stories. This week (and beyond) BookTrust encourage parents to spend time reading to their children, as it’s a great way to develop their love of books and a great way to have fun together.

Even once your children have started reading on their own, the benefits of shared reading still apply – it’s about so much more than literacy. By reading with kids who are independent readers, you remind them of the value of stories and help to build the confidence they need to continue reading on their own. After all, the best way to get kids reading for pleasure themselves is for them to see it and experience it at home. When it’s commonplace to see adults putting their phones down and picking up a book, children pick up the message that reading is valuable and fun.

BookTrust’s research shows that children who read for pleasure do better at school (even at maths), hold a greater ability to empathise and are more prepared for life, whether that is socially, culturally or emotionally. However, their research also shows that once they reach primary school age, children turn to technology for entertainment and are read to by their parents significantly less frequently. On average, parents read with their children once every four days, and one fifth of parents read with their child once a week or less.

And hence, the aim of Time to Read is simple: to increase the amount of shared reading at home, and therefore encourage kids to read for pleasure, which will inevitably help their future. This year, there is an additional focus on how great stories make children creative, independent thinkers, and how illustrations can give children an active role in storytelling.

This all sounds great, right? Wondering how to get involved? Get yourself to BookTrust’s website for their digital content and to find out more about how they want to support you in your shared reading.

Got kids in Reception? There’s a free Time to Read book pack with their name on it, featuring Marta Altés’ book ‘Little Monkey’. And for older kids, you can browse BookTrust’s bookfinder for great recommendations tailored to their age and what they’re interested in reading about.

But if your kids are the ones who still struggle to read at the right level for their age and are reluctant to even pick up a book, here at Ransom we have the solution for you. We have a great range of series designed especially for reluctant readers: they cover a huge number of topics kids love and are easy to read. We have books for every age and ability, and can advise you on supporting your reluctant reader. Use our website to help you find the right book, or get in touch for our advice.

Happy reading!

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