A common trend in our recent blog posts has been the importance of reading at home; instilling a love of books early on to prevent any form of reluctance manifesting later. But, what may have slipped between the lines in our latest discussions, is the idea that when we talk about reluctant or struggling readers, […]

Snow day, or no snow day, it’s still World Book Day! Being one of many people snowed-in today, there’s nothing I’d enjoy more than wrapping my body in a blanket, and my hands round a good book. But, although this may seem a good way of dedicating my own time to World Book Day, this […]

At two weeks into 2018, you might think that the excitement of New Year’s resolutions would be slowly fading away, especially as our workday routines sink back in after Christmas. But through social media and on TV and radio, the chant of ‘new year, new me’ is still very much resonating with the general public, […]

For the past few weeks our heads have been focused on Lilac books: the beginning of the book band system, and the very basics of teaching children how to handle books and narratives. Although we initially pictured authors having tantrums at being told they can’t use any words at all, we have come to realise […]

We are thrilled to announce that this week My Sister’s Perfect Husband has been shortlisted for the Coventry Inspiration Book Awards 2018. Just one of 8 titles in the Rapid Reads category, Rosemary Hayes’s romantic novel was shortlisted by a panel of specialist children’s librarians and teachers, and to them we say ‘thank you!’ But […]

While the twitter trend of #childrensbookweek ended earlier this month, for us at Ransom Publishing, every week is Children’s Book Week. Two weeks since our last blog, and we are still knee deep in Lilac books, finding the best ways for each book to be used in helping children learn to read. For those of […]

As we stride into Children’s Book Week, it seems appropriate that Ransom’s main focus is on the first stepping stone of a child’s journey into reading. Our latest project is Lilac books, the bottom rung on the book-banded ladder. I struggle to remember my own introduction into the world of books, it seems so long […]