National Poetry Day is back this Thursday, and to celebrate the outstanding children’s poetry available, we’re offering special packs! But why is poetry important? Well, there are quite a few reasons. Poetry supports many other aspects of literacy, like grammar and punctuation. It also widens vocabulary, while also allowing children to get creative with the words […]

With the up coming release of our new high-low series, Promises, we have been chatting to Miriam Halahmy, the author of Yasmin’s Journey.

Working in a publishing house, one of my favourite bits is chatting to the authors about their characters, plot twists, inspirations and everything in between. This contact with authors also means I can get some exclusive snippets straight from the horse’s mouth, if you will, about our most recent releases. In this interview, I got […]

I’ve been in contact with a new author of ours, Pamela Cosman, and I was lucky enough to squeeze some titbits out of her about her new title, The Secret Code Menace. Here’s what she had to share:   How did you come up with the idea?   “When my oldest son was 8, his […]

Malcolm Rose has worked with Ransom for a few years, primarily producing the Outer Reaches series, beginning with Body Harvest and ending with Blood and Bone. These books, along with his crime thrillers written before Malcolm’s career with Ransom, have a scientific basis, aided by his time as a chemistry lecturer. His most recent release […]

Every year Leicester Libraries run the Reading Rampage challenge. Twenty top-selling books are selected for a shortlist, which secondary pupils in Leicester then read and vote on. It’s a great scheme to get secondary pupils reading and to promote a reading culture. Reading Rampage is a great success and is growing year on year. Last Friday […]

It’s always nice to see illustrators being recognised for their amazing work and we are delighted to see Chris Riddell named as Children’s Laureate. At Ransom we love illustrations and the huge impact they have on a story. After all, pictures are worth a thousand words, so imagine what a great story you can tell with […]