Coming Soon

The Microwave Shakespeare

Aimed at struggling readers at a GCSE level, this new series seeks to condense Shakespeare into quick and easy reads; complete with Who, Where and When pages and help with Shakespearean English.

Reading Stars Plus and Neutron Stars
31st December 2016

New year and new projects in the works for Ransom! Following the success of our Reading Stars reading programme, we have launched two further reading programmes: Reading Stars Plus and Neutron Stars. Both projects, the first aimed at 9-13 year olds and the second aimed at 13y/o- Adults, are intended for those who are past the age of the Reading Stars programme but still need a guided structure.

6th September 2016

It is with a lot of excitement that we announce that we are launching a new imprint of Ransom, called Raven. Raven Books will look to produce exciting, contemporary reads for teenagers and young Adults. Unlike the majority of Ransom’s publications, Raven books are not aimed at reluctant readers, but at the general book-reading teenage audience.

New Reading Program: Reading Stars
25th March 2015

We are very excited to introduce Ransom’s new reading program, Reading Stars. The program has been specifically developed by UK’s specialists for children, to assist in their development in helping them learn to read.

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